Paul's Retirement

Get that man an umbrella drink!

Thank you

Dear Paul,

I wish I’d written this post a bit earlier so I wouldn’t have the pressure to be the last one – my few lines preceded by so many well-deserved tributes. But since I am, I’ll try to make the best of it.

Like many who have contributed to this site, I know you mainly from the Internet. One day someone named “parubin” left a comment on my blog, and since I’d been getting a lot of spambot comments I thought it might be yet another fake commenter trying to get a link to his website from my blog. Then I had a look and I thought, either spambots got a lot smarter in the past two hours or this is a real person. Sadly spambots don’t appreciate OR (their loss), so I was thrilled to have someone comment on my blog, and quite often at that. Thank you for your insights on OR. I’ve really enjoyed your comments and ideas.

At first when I heard about your retirement I thought it was a joke. You couldn’t possibly be of retirement age. (You *tweet*, for goodness sake.) When Mary circulated the idea of creating a blog page in honor of your retirement, I waited for the email that would say, yeah, you know, that was a joke, he’s not eligible for retirement for another decade or so. But apparently it’s real.

So enjoy the new phase. I’m not sure if we should call this a retirement – maybe just a stop to exam-writing. I hope you’ll continue advocating for OR, and I can’t wait to read on your blog about what you’ve been up to.


One comment on “Thank you

  1. Thanks, Aurelie. Hopefully retirement will leave me more time to pepper your blog with comments. 🙂

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