Paul's Retirement

Get that man an umbrella drink!


By S. Phil Kim

When I met Paul personally for the first time, it was in INFORMS 2011 at Charlotte. More precisely, it was the SNS session he presented at about twitter, where I met him virtually before INFORMS. On his slide, he showed the timeline of his twitter account as an example. I didn’t know he didn’t follow me until I found my name on his ‘Who to follow’ column. Right after the session I introduced myself and forced him to follow me and he did. That was our first and last interaction. Thanks to twitter, I made good friends to share interests and to chat with at INFORMS. Now I cannot wait the next INFORMS annual meeting where I can meet my twitter friends, of cause, including Paul.

Even though we haven’t interact much ( I am not that active in cyber world.), a short meeting was enough for me to want to be like him. I am not talking about his great academic accomplishment on OR/MS. I really want to be someone like him when I am at his age, someone witty and enthusiastic. He is definitely everyone’s favorite.

Professor Paul Rubin, Congratulation on your retirement, and please, show yourself at INFORMS annual meeting, wherever it is. One day he replied me he will be there when it is in Hawaii. But, I cannot wait until INFORMS choose Hawaii for its annual meeting place.

Enjoy the retirement and keep in touch!

– S. Phil Kim –


One comment on “Wannabe

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    S. Phil: I’ll see you at a meeting soon, hopefully the next one (even though, sadly, it’s not in Hawaii).

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