Paul's Retirement

Get that man an umbrella drink!

So you are retiring…

Hi Paul,

If you are reading this it means that Mary has sent us countless number of emails days and nights to make sure that we all write our blog posts on time. it also means that all my efforts to move our OR community to get you golf clubs or fishing rod and reel have been unsuccessful. after all you once told me you do not like either of them 😉

So retirement huh? I am not sure I know what it means for you. Does it mean that you are not going to reply back to our emails with 20 times more text than what we originally send you? does it mean that you are not going to answer our questions on OR newsgroup or OR-exchange? Or does it mean that you are not going to read my half-baked math models and tear them apart? Whatever it is I am pretty sure our community will benefit from your help even more now that you have more time. And I cannot imagine you quitting blogging , tweeting, or OR-exchanging.

Sorry that I sometimes called you our “OR grand master” and pinged you on unrelated tweets and sorry that I used many fake names on OR-exchange, I know you hated it but to this day using my real name to ask stupid questions freaks me out. But to celebrate your retirement, from now on I will use my own name everywhere: “Mark S. Alen”!

Ironically you are retiring and some of us are going on the job market. Tell me that many years that you spent doing OR was worth it. Otherwise I would love to skip the job search and go straight for retirement. Who knows maybe we can play golf together.

Congratulations professor.

Siamak F (a.k.a. Mark S. Alen and some other stupid fake id’s)


About marksalen

A consultant to financial firms. Birdwatcher. Resolver One Enthusiast.

One comment on “So you are retiring…

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    Siamak: You have an unstated assumption in your result, namely that *I’ve* been going by *my* real name. Think about some of the stuff I’ve posted, and ask yourself whether a rational entity would take responsibility for it. Oh, and yes, it’s been worth it. Most definitely.

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