Paul's Retirement

Get that man an umbrella drink!

Paul writes blogs the way O.R. Blogs are supposed to be!

I have known Paul for many years, but in the past 3 years I have gotten to know him much better, both through our work on the INFORMS IT Committee, and more importantly, by following his blog “OR in an OB World”.

There are many excellent and popular O.R. blogs out there, but in many ways, Paul’s blog stands out, due to its concentration on providing solid and knowledgeable advice how solve actual O.R. problems. I have been working with Optimization and Modeling for over 25 years now, and over time gathered lot of experience in the field.  But still today, I regularly pick up something new that I either didn’t know or fully understand, while reading through Paul’s blog entries.

That Paul is now retiring from teaching after 32+ years, I think will be a great loss for the students of Michigan State. We can only hope that Paul will continue showing us how to write real O.R. blogs for a long time to come…


One comment on “Paul writes blogs the way O.R. Blogs are supposed to be!

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    Bjarni, you’re too kind. I’ll keep blogging (particularly now that I have more idle time to fill), but as I grow older you may see a higher proportion of “crotchety old man” posts.

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