Paul's Retirement

Get that man an umbrella drink!

Happy Retirement Day!


By Mary Leszczynski

Happy, happy day to one of my favorite tweeps! We couldn’t let this day (and we hope it is today, we are relying on Tim’s math + twitter skills!) go by without acknowledging how glad we are to have you as part of our virtual worlds. One of the best parts of my job has been getting to know our members better through social networking. Although real life beers are much better!

Once we decided to do a blog (seemed most fitting), one of the comments I received from David Smith was that he would add to the festschrift blog. I had no idea we were actually doing a “real thing.” And this may not be a book, or on the super-academic side, but we are here to honor the impact you’ve had.

I appreciate your sense of humor, all of your help and suggestions along the way, and the way you are passionate about your field. So, my present to you, is to spare you the puns on this day of days. 😉 Enjoy. I wish we were there to celebrate with you.

Your friend, Mary


One comment on “Happy Retirement Day!

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    Mary, thanks so much for putting this together! Since my OR contacts are almost all through some form of social media, I think a blog is much more appropriate than a book. It was a total surprise to me, which is a small wonder in itself given how thinks normally leak in the Twitterverse.

    Oh, and MANY thanks for the pun holiday.

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