Paul's Retirement

Get that man an umbrella drink!

OR’s loss, Leisure Science’s gain

By Matt Saltzman

I don’t recall exactly when I first encountered Paul, but as social media have started to take hold in the OR community, I think I’ve come to know Paul pretty well,as have so many of us.  Between OR-Exchange (where he has more than twice the karma of anyone else on the site), Twitter, Paul’s blog, Paul’s comments on others’ blogs, Paul seems to be just about everywhere.   I’ve enjoyed consuming his knowledge, his insights, even his dry sense of humor.

One thing I appreciated in particular was Paul’s occasional advocacy for COIN-OR.  He probably didn’t intend this result, but last year, we persuaded Paul to join the COIN-OR board of directors.  Paul, you can’t retire completely yet–your term doesn’t end until 2013!

Meanwhile, enjoy your leisure, but please don’t forget us entirely.  I hope you’ll continue to stay connected with us all, at least via those social media connections.  Keep the place lively!


One comment on “OR’s loss, Leisure Science’s gain

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    Matt: I’ll definitely stay engaged. Where else can I go to satisfy my craving for bi-weekly conference calls. (Oh, crap! Bjarni might be reading this. Oops!)

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