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Paul Rubin – My Virtual OR Friend

By Bo Jensen

I first came to know about Paul Rubin, years ago while I was still working at MOSEK. I follow almost all OR forums even support forums from competing vendors, which I think any OR curious person should do. In all these forums, Paul was (and still is) present and answers questions with a very high level of insight to both the smallest technical detail and the broader picture of applying Operations Research in general. I remembering thinking – doesn’t this guy have nothing better to do than answering support for CPLEX, AMPL etc. ! Now knowing him better, I can’t help thinking I really wish I had a professor like him while I was studying.. Paul sincerely want to help and share his deep knowledge and passion for Operations Research. Many OR people have learned from Paul’s advice and answers over the years, take a look at the ORX leaderbord where he has a more than 2X lead.. maybe his retirement can leave some more points to the rest of us..

I have only met Paul IRL once during the INFORMS Annual Conference in Charlotte, I was lucky enough to have a few beers and a chat. Though we have only met this one time, I have exchanged a fair amount of emails and tweets with Paul on either technical issues or funny forum/blog posts.

I recently asked Paul about his retirement plans, one answer was this tweet :

“Dean: we need a plan for your retirement. Paul: don’t need a plan, just a head start to the parking lot. ”

Like everyone else I hope he’s joking and will stick around – keep tweeting funny/sharp/insightful tweets and post on his blog. I will even settle for the evil twin..

Paul, enjoy your retirement it’s well earned !

Best Wishes For The Future

Your Virtual OR Friend

Bo Jensen

P.S Even you are retired I will occasional keep sending you tweets or emails with technical discussions or funny observations, unless you set up a Spam filter of course..


One comment on “Paul Rubin – My Virtual OR Friend

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    Thanks, Bo. Actually, once retirement fully kicks in (I’ll need about a week to clean out 33 years accumulated crap in my office), I’ll probably be tweeting an blogging nonstop. So keep the tweets and DMs coming.

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