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Greetings from the United Kingdom

By David Smith

Dear Paul
As far as I know we have never met face to face. But I fancy that if we did, there would be a great deal we would have in common. Since I started blogging, there have been several people making comments about my observations about OR/MS as seen from the UK. And you, Paul, have always been on the ball, with observations and wit. They have come from someone who has enjoyed doing OR/MS and has enjoyed teaching the subject, and sharing enthusiasm for the subject. I hope that retirement doesn’t stop your enthusiasm for thinking about the world around you with a mind that has been trained in our discipline.
One of my favourite quotations runs as follows: “Little children are always asking the question ‘Why?’. Education tries to stop such questions. Education has its failures. The results are called scientists.” I suspect that OR/MS people are disastrous failures, because they ask “Why?” and “How?” and “What happens if?”
Enjoy your retirement!
David Smith (ORin Devon)


One comment on “Greetings from the United Kingdom

  1. prubin73
    May 16, 2012

    David: Thanks for both the sentiment and the wonderful quote. One of my ambitions for retirement is to spend more time being a student and poking at things mathematical, not so much because an answer is needed forthwith, but more just to understand what the answer is and why.

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